Patient Case Study Update - Bob Harris

In November 2017, JointMedica Interviewed Bob Harris, a BKR recipient, who at the time was 3 months post-op and enjoying a much better quality of life -


We have recently caught up with Bob, and we are delighted to say that he is still enjoying life with his new knee and it has allowed him to get back an active lifestyle. Here’s what he had to say:

Since my last update in 2017 I have been focused on gradually improving my fitness. I go for a half hour walk at lunchtime each day, and I maximise the impact this exercise has by using Nordic walking poles.

I have replaced swimming for an hour session at the gym once a week, concentrating on my upper body and stretching. On weekends I enjoy walking my dogs for a couple of hours each day.

In general, I am doing a lot more planned exercise than before I had a replacement knee, and I experience much less pain."


BH .jpg