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Adoption of JointMedica Technologies in Toronto, Canada

23 May 2024

First Polymotion Hip Resurfacing (PHR®)* procedure performed in Ontario, Canada

Last month marks the first time the Polymotion® Hip Resurfacing (PHR®)* procedure was performed in Ontario, Canada. The surgery was accompanied by a training event to introduce surgeons to the cutting-edge PHR® system.  The successful procedure and training event involved a collaboration between Dr. Jim MacKenzie, Mr. Ronan Treacy, and Dr. Daniel Pincus.


Dr. MacKenzie is an orthopaedic surgeon known for his expertise in hip and knee replacements and is based in Calgary, Canada. Mr. Treacy is co-creator of the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing System, and over the past decade has worked with JointMedica to pioneer the next generation of hip resurfacing technology. Dr. Pincus joined the Division of at the Sunnybrook Holland Centre in 2020, where he specialises in minimally invasive hip and knee arthroplasty and complex revision surgery.


Together, they spearheaded a collaborative effort with a diverse team of MedTech experts and representatives from Medlines, JointMedica’s Canadian distributor, resulting in a successful training event in Toronto, Canada.  The training included a showcase of PHR® instrumentation to surgeons and other healthcare professionals who have expertise and interest in hip resurfacing. Presentations delved into different facets of hip resurfacing technology. These included Dr. MacKenzie's presentation "Metal-on-poly Hip Resurfacing: Don’t Amputate the Femoral Head," which had also been highlighted at the 2023 ISTA Annual Congress.


Dr. Pincus has now successfully completed the comprehensive training for the PHR® device and is fully accredited to perform the procedure. The event showcased the commitment of JointMedica and Medlines to advancing hip resurfacing technology through effective training and collaboration with surgeons and other healthcare professionals.


*Please note that the PHR® has not been licensed in accordance with Canadian law.


Birmingham Hip Resurfacing is a trademark of Smith and Nephew

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