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About Us

JointMedica was formed in 2000. Our history can be traced back to Midland Medical Technologies (MMT) and the creation of the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing™ (BHR™), the most clinically successful Hip Resurfacing of all time.

Our association with the BHR’s principle designing surgeons Prof Derek McMinn and Mr Ronan Treacy, along with the design and manufacturing consistency places JointMedica in an advantageous position relative to the unique understanding of Hip Resurfacing design, surgical procedure, and long-term functional results.

Our Mission

To sympathetically enhance the currently accepted Hip and Knee arthroplasty interventions, by creating implants which exhibit superior functionality, apply biomechanical sensitivity, and innovative form. 

These principles allow for the delivery of products which improve the device function as opposed to simply altering it from standard.

Our Objective

To form a close relationships with key Orthopaedic Surgeons, empowering the creation of products that are highly innovative while at the same time meeting the heightened expectations of patients along with the stringent quality and safety standards that apply to modern orthopaedic implants.

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