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Our Mission

JointMedica will be the leading developer of transformative hip arthroplasty solutions, with dedication to the highest quality manufacturing and industry leading clinical performance.  

Leveraging over two decades of dedicated research and development, JointMedica focuses primarily on hip arthroplasty, prominently featuring the Polymotion® Hip Resurfacing System (PHR®). With distinctive intellectual property strengths, strategic partnerships, and continuous expansion in manufacturing capabilities, JointMedica look forward to providing solutions to HCP’s.

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Our Impact

As we prolong the life of our joints, we want to prolong the life of our planet.

To do this, we’ve joined forces with Carma Earth, who are on a mission to remove 1 billion tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere through planting trees.

None of us would be here without trees, and the more we have the better it is for everyone on earth. By donating to Carma Earth, we will help make a positive climate and social impact.

Planting a Tree

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