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20 Years of Hip Resurfacing success in Canada

30 Nov 2022

Dr. Jim MacKenzie of Calgary Orthopaedics Celebrates 20 years of Hip Resurfacing

This month, Dr. Jim MacKenzie, an Orthopaedic surgeon specializing in Hip and Knee replacements, was joined by old friends from around the world to celebrate two decades of hip resurfacing.

For one of Dr. MacKenzie’s latest recent surgery, Professor Derek McMinn (godfather of modern Hip Resurfacing), Mr. Roger Ashton (Technical Director at JointMedica), and Dr. Sharat Kusuma (Surgeon, Chief Strategy & Medical Officer of Exactech) observed Dr. MacKenzie perform a bilateral hip resurfacing with the new device which has a metal on poly articulation, at the South Health Campus in Calgary.

In celebration of this milestone, the surgical team joined a broader group of Canadian Surgeons for an intimate dinner event hosted by Dr. Sharat Kusuma.

Dr. MacKenzie delivered a presentation outlining his two decades of experience using various Metal on Metal Hip Resurfacing implants, which set the scene for Professor McMinn to deliver a keynote lecture recounting his considerable experience in the sphere of orthopaedic implant design. The focus of Prof McMinn’s presentation reinforced his ability to implement meaningful changes to Hip Resurfacing designs over the years.

Prof McMinn started his hip resurfacing journey in 1991 following a pilot study, where he explored various methods of fixing resurfacing devices to the bone. He soon brought to market the McMinn Hybrid hip resurfacing system manufactured by Corin Medical. This was followed in 1997 by a partnership with Mr. Ronan Treacy, the creation of Midland Medical Technologies (MMT), and the launch of the world’s most successful Metal on Metal Hip Resurfacing the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing™ (BHR).  Prof. McMinn’s keen interest in the tribological effects and performance of various materials has led to his most recent iteration in resurfacing design. During his presentation, he took the opportunity to explain the finer details of the Polymotion® Hip resurfacing system, an implant that embraces all of Prof. McMinn and Mr Treacy’s experience, modern materials, and manufacturing processes in a non-Metal-on-Metal Hip Resurfacing design. 

Please join us in congratulating Dr MacKenzie on this outstanding milestone. We look forward to launching the PHR® following appropriate regulatory approvals.

Click here to find out more about Dr. Jim MacKenzie.

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