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Latest update from Lewis Woolin

9 Sept 2022

Supported by JointMedica since 2018, Lewis Woolin has been investigating our new and unique concepts in Total Hip Replacement (THR) technologies

Lewis has now completed his PhD, so we’ve caught up with him to see how he got on in his last year of research.

Final PhD Update 2021 – 2022

During my previous update I spoke largely about the negative effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on my research, namely large delays that necessitated changes to my research structure and limited research outcomes. Since that time though I’m pleased to say that through sustained effort my PhD has ended on track.

The hip simulator experiments I was planning have been completed, generating results that will assist JointMedica in their continued research of hip implant solutions. I also completed a series of additional experiments that I was concerned I’d be unable to conduct due to time lost through Covid-19, which will help shape the methods used in future in-vitro implant tests. Lastly I have written my PhD thesis detailing the research performed over the last four years, which I can happily say has been accepted subject to minor corrections, following passing my viva in July.

My research, supported by JointMedica examining the wear behaviour of contemporary polyethylene and cortical bone has been written into a journal paper that is currently undergoing review and I am due to present results of my research at the 2022 world congress of orthopaedic research in Edinburgh this September.

On a personal level, following completion of my PhD I have moved to a role outside of academic research, currently working in engineering project management at WMG, Warwick University. I would like to thank all the staff at JointMedica for the years of invaluable help and collaboration provided throughout my studies and I am sure that their research into novel orthopaedic devices will continue to yield positive and impactful results.

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