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Avi Pelossof has joined JointMedica

5 Dec 2023

Avi Pelossof Appointed Executive Chairman of JointMedica, Spearheading Innovation in Medical Technology

In an exciting development, Avi Pelossof has joined JointMedica as Executive Chairman. Avi brings a wealth of experience, boasting over two decades of leadership in the broader medical technology landscape.

Prior to joining JointMedica, Avi served as the President and CEO of Immucor, a global leader in transfusion and transplantation diagnostics. His leadership culminated in a successful $2 billion sale to Werfen earlier this year.

Before his tenure at Immucor, Avi held the position of Global President of Alere's Infectious Disease business unit, which is now part of Abbott. Under his leadership, he built the business from inception into a thriving $750+ million business. Avi's track record of building and scaling leading businesses with global footprints has been a hallmark of his executive career.

In his new role as Executive Chairman at JointMedica, Avi will collaborate closely with senior management and the Board of Directors to advance the shared goal of creating highly innovative products that significantly improve the lives of patients worldwide.

To kick off this new chapter, Avi joined the JointMedica team in Hallow, Worcestershire where he received a warm welcome from esteemed Professor Derek McMinn.

JointMedica anticipates a bright future under Avi Pelossof's leadership and looks forward to achieving new milestones in the ever-evolving landscape of medical technology.

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