The London Hip Meeting 2019

The ever-popular London Hip Meeting took place on Wednesday 3rd April 2019 at the QEII Centre.


The co-chairmen Prof. Fares Haddad and Prof. Henrik Malchau put together an impressive faculty of thought leaders from around the world to discuss key topics which are most relevant to today’s growing Hip Arthroplasty market.


Key sessions focused on the following topics:

  • Update on Hip Preservation

  • Registries

  • The Future of Resurfacing

  • Case Presentations

  • Complex THA

  • Outcomes

  • Complex Revision

  • Infection and Instability

Metal on Metal articulations have fallen out of favour driven by a number of factors. Design, and a sound understanding of the basic principles of the Hip Resurfacing surgical procedure account for a number of driving elements that contributed to many failures. This understanding should be applied when looking to improve an implant and a procedure, which offers the potential to benefit many arthritus sufferres, improve function, and preserve valuable bonestock for any future surgical procedures.



“In every other branch of surgery, we have made every effort to become less invasive….

Yet, in hip joint replacement surgery, we are resistant to a bone preserving procedure”

Mr Ronan Treacy London Hip Meeting 2019.

CGI image of a Metal on Crosslinked Polyethline Hip Resurfacing Jointmedica Ltd INNOVATE UK  project


The future of Hip Resurfacing was discussed during Session 4: ‘Enhanced Technologies and New Targets’ chaired by Dr Kris Govaers and Mr Andrew Manktelow.

Hip resurfacing was explored specifically in two presentations during this session, where Mr Ronan Treacy discussed his significant experience with Hip Resurfacing from a Surgeons perspective, comparing the patient related outcomes and clinical results to that of more traditional Total Hip replacements. In addition, Mr Treacy was able to provide his guidance to the community in the capacity as the co-designer of the most successful Hip Resurfacing implant of all time, the BHR™. His presentation title was “What are the current and Future solutions available for Hip Resurfacing?


Recently Mr Ronan Treacy and Prof Derek McMinn gave an interview to the Orthopaedic Product news, where they outlined their experiences with the Design and Development of Modern Hip Resurfacings. The full article can be enjoyed here:

Ceramic Hip Resurfacing: results of a safety study with CT RSA. 

Ceramic Hip resurfacing is being explored by a number of orthopaedic companies. An important update was delivered by Prof Justin Cobb, the principle inventor of the H1 Ceramic on Ceramic Hip Resurfacing concept.

During his presentation Prof Cobb shared the current results of the safety study, where he was able to comment on the additional CT based RSA analysis of these early implantations.

More information concerning Prof Cobb’s work on this project can be found at the following link:



Photograph of a bespoke patient specific acetabular implant Jointmedica Ltd discussed during Mr Treacy’s presentation


Image of H1 Ceramic on Ceramic Hip Resurfacing