Mr Callum McBride leads JointMedica’s Clinical
investigation plans

Extensively published and a respected leader in the field of young adult hip conditions, Mr McBryde qualified as a doctor from the University of Manchester in 1998. 

He completed his general surgical and specialist orthopaedic training in Birmingham. During this time, he was inspired by a number of pioneering surgeons including, Prof McMinn and Mr Treacy. Mr McBryde went on to be awarded the first ever McMinn scholarship by the British Hip Society. This bursary allowed him to complete his Doctor of Medicine (MD) higher degree in 2009 on the subject of hip resurfacing under the University of Birmingham.

Mr McBryde is a Member of the Non-Arthroplasty Hip Registry Board, a Trustee of The Birmingham Orthopaedic Charity, a member of the editorial board of the Bone and Joint Journal, and the Chairman of the Young Adult Hip Research group.


Mr McBryde is currently assisting JointMedica in the capacity as Chief Investigator (CI) relating to a modest Custom-made implant observational study, along with agreeing to take on the role of Principal Investigator (PI) for JointMedica’s planned Polymotion™ Hip Resurfacing multicentre clinical investigation.

Mr McBryde’s consultant practice is based at the world renowned Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Birmingham, England, with private surgery and consultation privileges at both the BMI Priory and Edgbaston Hospitals in Birmingham, along with the Spire Little Aston Hospital.


JointMedica are privileged to be associated with Mr McBryde. We look forward to sharing the results of these clinical investigations with you in the future.


Polymotion Hip Resurfacing™ (PHR™)