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JointMedica’s recent shareholding acquisition by Exactech is recognised globally and by the local community

4 Mar 2022

JointMedica’s recent shareholding acquisition by Exactech is recognised globally and by the local community

As seen in the Worcester News

AN innovative hip resurfacing procedure designed and manufactured near Worcester is going global following an entrepreneurial business partnership. JointMedica, owned by The McMinn Group, is based at Ball Mill Top, Hallow, where it designs and produces orthopaedic implants. Now Exactech Inc. – one of the largest orthopaedic companies in the world – has acquired shareholdings in JointMedica along with the international distribution rights to the company’s pioneering Polymotion® Hip Resurfacing. ​ Andy McMinn, CEO of The McMinn Group, said: “I wanted to build, quite literally, on the foundations of my father Prof Derek McMinn’s legacy and involvement within the orthopaedic industry. ​ “When the opportunity came along to buy the controlling interest in JointMedica a couple of years ago I saw it as an opportunity to broaden our portfolio of investments, allowing us to attract serious international interest and investment in our local community.

“I believe, wholeheartedly, that JointMedica’s Polymotion Hip Resurfacing, designed by my father, will be the natural successor to his previous design, the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing.” ​ The film outlines his personal experience with Birmingham Hip Resurfacing along with his rehabilitation and recovery between 2017-2019. JointMedica’s PolyMotion Hip Resurfacing will begin a multi-centre Clinical Investigation in the UK later in 2022. ​ Terence Smith, managing director of JointMedica, added: “Using Exactech’s global distribution network, our recent partnership allows us to establish our business internationally, not only attracting new customers but importantly nourishing and re-affirming our company’s reputation and credibility as the go-to orthopaedic research and development partner.” ​ Through business diversification, former Royal Grammar School, Worcester student Andy McMinn has spent the past decade expanding his business concerns beyond its origins in construction and property development. The McMinn Group now has commercial interests across real estate, orthopaedic research and development, engineering, construction machinery, and logistics. ​ This is good news for the local job market as Andy intends to remain in Worcester. He said: “Despite the recent partnership with our friends in sunny Florida, we have no plans to move our operations. Worcestershire is home and always will be. We have launched a broad recruitment plan; our preference is to hire locally where possible.”

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