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Hip Resurfacing - Continuing Evidence

JointMedica would like to formally congratulate Catherine Van Der Straeten and the International Hip Resurfacing Group for offering the orthopaedic community compelling evidence supporting the value afforded by the Hip Resurfacing procedure.

“Hip resurfacing arthroplasty in young patients: international high-volume centres’ report on the outcome of 11,382 metal-on-metal hip resurfacing arthroplasties in patients ⩽50 years at surgery” https://journals.sagepub.com/eprint/FFZPIFXFE79EJ4GQKDSG/full


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Today - 
July 2020

Early experience of JointMedica custom hip resurfacing implants.


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Innovate Continuity Support Grant

JointMedica to receive support for new innovation during the COVID-19 epidemic


ODEP Pre-Entry for Customs

JointMedica Custom-Made Acetabular and Femoral Components have been awarded ODEP Pre-Entry status


New Alternatives 
to MoM

JointMedica and others, are exploring alternative materials to Metal on Metal for use in Hip Resurfacings. 

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