April 11, 2022

Extactech /JointMedica Meeting - 24th February 2022

JointMedica had the pleasure of welcoming the President of Exactech Inc, Mr Darin Johnson, in February of this year.


Darin was accompanied by members of his executive team; Dr Sharat Kusuma MD, MBA, FAAOS - Chief Medical Officer, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Business Development, Adam Hayden, Chief Marketing Officer, Senior Vice President Large Joints, and Agustin Canales - Managing Director Ibérica & UK.


Mr. Darin Jonson - President of Exactech Inc.


Sharat Kusuma MD, MBA, FAAOS Chief Medical Officer


Mr. Adam Hayden
Chief Marketing Officer, Senior Vice President Large Joints 

Agustín Canales.jpg

Mr. Agustin Canales, 
Managing Director Ibérica & UK 

Prof Derek McMinn took time away from his busy schedule to provide an in-depth overview of the PolyMotion Hip Resurfacing evolution, including the lessons learned from over four decades of orthopaedic implant design


Mr Roger Ashton, JointMedica’s Technical Development Director, helped the group understand the unique manufacturing issues associated with producing a sophisticated acetabular component, leaning on the observed long-term performance of Prof McMinn’s well-known Metal on Metal Hip Resurfacing design. 


Mr Steve Meakins delivered JointMedica’s high level Global regulatory strategy.


Our international visitors were treated with some light reading material for the journey home along with a taste of traditional Worcestershire hospitality.


Left hand side back to front:  Darin Johnson, Prof McMinn, Adam Hayden Jose Sagarminaga, Steve Meakins, Roger Ashton.

Right hand side back to front: Sharat Kusuma, Andy McMinn, Ronan Treacy, Agustin Canales, Terry Smith