Surgeon Spotlight - Mr. Ronan Treacy FRCS Orth       

Mr Treacy is a renowned orthopaedic surgeon and has been awarded several accolades for his work in hip resurfacing. He is especially known for his pioneering work with Prof. McMinn developing the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR®). He has also been involved in the development of the JointMedica Polymotion Hip Resurfacing (PHR).  Mr Treacy has performed thousands of orthopaedic procedures, several of which include the use of JointMedica’s custom-made implants. 

We are privileged to have received written feedback from one of Mr Treacy’s custom patients.  After a consultation with Mr Treacy the patient decided on custom-made implants for both hips. CT scans were taken and then sent to JointMedica to begin the detailed work to make the custom implants.

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Patient feedback….

"I first experienced pain in my left hip around January 2019. I thought that I had overstretched at yoga and arranged some physiotherapy for myself. The problem did not resolve, and the physiotherapist suggested that it could be arthritis, which came as a shock. I had given up yoga and the walks I used to love in the countryside, and I was becoming increasingly immobile. The pain was disturbing my sleep.  

I have two friends, both of whom have had successful hip resurfacing, one by Prof. McMinn, and one by Mr Treacy, and this led me to investigate resurfacing as opposed to a total hip replacement. It seemed as though resurfacing would enable me to continue with yoga, and the normally active lifestyle that I was used to.

I first saw Mr Treacy in July 2019, and it then became clear that the Birmingham Hip (metal on metal) resurfacing which my (male) friends had had, was no longer available for women.  Results for women were not so good and NICE (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) had recommended against it. The alternative was custom made highly cross linked polyethylene on metal which was predicted to overcome some of the problems of the Birmingham Hip, but which had only been in use for about three years. As the only alternative was a total hip replacement, I opted for the custom resurfacing.

My left hip was resurfaced in March 2020. Although the arthritis pain resolved quite quickly, my mobility was still poor, as by that stage my right hip had deteriorated considerably.

My right hip was resurfaced in January 2021, and although this is only six weeks ago at the time of writing, I am already much more mobile than before the operation and in very little pain. My left hip is great. It feels like a normal, unoperated hip. The future looks bright again.

I am grateful to Mr Treacy and his associates for prioritising older women (I am 68 years old). Although there may be some logic to advising older people to have a total hip replacement because it will last them out and most people do very well, it may not always feel like the best choice from an individual patient’s viewpoint. Hip resurfacing has given me a sense of security in that I have to worry much less about restricting movements because of potential dislocation, and I am left with a Plan B (total hip replacement) should it be needed in the future."