Student Spotlight - Lewis Woollin,  Newcastle University

In a change to our usual ‘Surgeon Spotlight’, this month’s spotlight feature is on Lewis Woollin who is a PHD student at Newcastle University . Lewis is working alongside Jointmedica, looking into the development of a new generation of hip replacement.

Academic Journey

My interest in engineering began during my sixth-form education. I took A-Levels in design and physics, as these have been passions of mine since a young age, as well as mathematics, which I knew was a required skill to succeed in a technical role.

Following this I enrolled in a four year Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Newcastle University, graduating with a 1st class (honours). My interest in bioengineering was sparked during my third year when I enrolled in an optional bioengineering module, based purely on curiosity.

I quickly realised that bioengineering was a potentially exciting career path so I continued working in this area during my fourth year project. During the project I lead a five person team to design and manufacture a twelve station pin-on-plate wear testing machine, managed by the bioengineering module leader, Dr Philip Hyde.

Towards the end of my fourth year I knew that I wanted to follow the bioengineering path beyond graduation, and was approached by Dr Hyde regarding an exciting PhD opportunity. I jumped at the chance to continue my professional development, whilst working with Joint Medica Ltd, the EPSRC and Newcastle University to make a novel contribution to orthopaedic engineering, a sector that I feel will become ever more prevalent and important as we progress into the future.

My PhD aim is to advance the development of a new generation of hip replacement, with increased resistance to failure from corrosion and wear. Joint Medica Ltd is helping me to achieve this by providing research-focussed funding, test samples and expert guidance, all of which will be invaluable to this research project.