Jointmedica moving forward in preparation for a successful 2019

As a result of both local and national funding support Jointmedica receive the first of its planned CNC machines.

Oliver Clayton, Manufacturing Engineer commented, “The capabilities of this milling machine are beyond impressive. During my induction training I was able to produce sample products in record time, the cutting performance and level of detail I am able to achieve with this particular variant of the Brother line up exceeds our expectations, I cannot wait to validate this unit at the CMR”.


Terence Smith, Managing Director commented; “The ability to incorporate these high end CNC capabilities at our Centre for Manufacturing Research, is a major step forward in our ability to bring to life the innovative orthopaedic concepts in our product development pipeline”.   

Mr Roger Ashton, Jointmedica’s Technical Director guides the Brother M140X2 into place at Jointmedica’s Centre for Manufacturing Research (CMR) Hallow Worcestershire.