ISTA 2018, London

This years ISTA meeting proved to be yet another indication of the renewed and growing interest in Hip Resurfacing. Jointmedica proudly supported the 2018 International Society for Technology in Arthroplasty (ISTA) meeting held at London’s prestigious QEII conference Centre (

Hip Resurfacing featured amongst an impressive Scientific Program. 

During the “New Life for Hip Resurfacing” session, which took place on Friday 12 Oct, 1:50PM – 2:50PM, Dr Edwin Su, MD, of the Hospital for Special Surgery and Dr William Walter, moderated an oversubscribed session which featured Derek McMinn presenting his case for New Materials for Hip Resurfacing: Why Choose X-linked PE on Metal? A link to Mr. McMinn’s presentation can be found here  -

This sitting also included presentations from leaders in the Global Hip Resurfacing community covering topics ranging from;

  • Why Choose Ceramic? - Dr Koen De Smet

  • The use of Cemented and Uncemented Femoral Fixation Methods in Hip Resurfacing Arthroplasty - Thomas Gross

  • Hip Resurfacing's ability to enable patients to return to high level sporting activity Gait Analysis Evaluation of the Ability to Resume High Impact Sports in Patients Treated with Hip Resurfacing Arthroplasty - Antonio Moroni.

  • Professor Justin Cobb updated the community in relation to his work with the H1 Anatomic Ceramic Hip Resurfacing: Results of a 20 Patient Safety Study. 

  • Good Clinical Outcomes of Hip Resurfacing Patients: With a Minimum 10 Years Follow Up were reported from the Netherlands, Walter Van Der Weegen 

Later in the day Hip Resurfacing was discussed during the THR – Resurfacing short Talk session, 5:35PM – 6:35PM. This session was moderated by Derek McMinn and Thomas Gross.


Harlan Amstutz kicked off with his thoughts on Metal-on-Metal Hip Resurfacing Arthroplasty: What is the Risk? 
Dr Amstutz was followed by several interesting presentations which sparked a healthy discussion amongst the faculty and audience members…


  • Are Component Alignment and Biomechanics of Hip Resurfacing Improved by CT-Based Navigation? -
    Ryuichi Sato.

  • Closed Reduction on a Rare Case of Resurfacing Dislocation Three Years Post Op - Lafayette Lage. 

  • Compromise in Bone Density Results in Amplified Cement Layer Stress in Hip Resurfacing Arthroplasty -  
    Orhun Muratoglu. 

  • Mortality After Hip Resurfacing vs. Total Hip Arthroplasty in Young Patients: A Single Surgeon Experience - 
    Peter Brooks. 

  • Performance of Ceramic Resurfacing Heads for Hip Arthroplasty – Component Strength - Mateusz Juszczyk.

  • Determination of the Minimum Clearance of Ceramic Resurfacing Systems - Thomas Pandorf.

  • Deformation and Temperature Changes During Femoral Implantation in a Novel Ceramic and a Standard Metal Hip Resurfacing - Lauren Moore

Jointmedica continues on course with its ambition to deliver the next generation of Derek McMinn’s Hip resurfacing design. 


We look forward to keeping you up to date with our progress!