JointMedica and Exactech unite for a three-day welcome event


On Tuesday 21st June, Dr Sharat Kusuma, Bruce Thompson, Jason Heath and Josh Catanzarite all travelled from multiple parts of the United States to join us at the Bank House Hotel, Bransford, Worcester. By where, they were joined by Prof McMinn, Andy McMinn, and the remaining JointMedica Team for dinner.

The following day, Wednesday 22nd June, Dr Sharat Kusuma started the morning by discussing the partnership aspirations of JointMedica and Exactech and the foreseeable growth within the two companies as they continue to work together.

Prof Derek McMinn gave an enlightening presentation of history and development of the Polymotion® Hip Resurfacing System. The next generation of hip resurfacing, The Polymotion® uses innovative metal-on-polyethylene technology, eliminating the need for metal-on-metal articulating surfaces. Providing a less invasive, less traumatic surgery for younger patients who wish to maintain their active lifestyles.

Sawbone Jason Heath canulated drill.jpg
Sawbone Jason Heath  Josh Catanzarite 4.jpg
Sawbone cup positioning 5.jpg

Steve Meakins finished the presentations of the day by discussing the latest clinical investigation and global regulatory strategy.

The day then concluded with an informal meal at Miller and Carter, overlooking Worcester Cathedral at Worcester’s newly developed Cathedral Square. Allowing our transatlantic visitors to see ‘The Faithful City’ in a different light, and relaxing atmosphere.

For the final day, Thursday 23rd June, Terry Smith, Managing Director of JointMedica presented a welcome introduction reiterating the history of modern hip resurfacing.

Roger Ashton, with assistance from Ollie Clayton delivered a full step by step Sawbones instrument overview and demonstration. This practical illustration of the Polymotion® Hip Resurfacing instruments allowed many of the attendees to see the instruments in action for the first time, proving to be a very insightful session

We would like to thank all those who attended the event for your participation and continued hard work.

Jason Heath and Ollie Clayton with a cannulated drill.
Here Prof McMinn can be seen discussing JointMedica Coating Development.
Here we can see Jason Heath using the Head Impactor to place the femoral component.orrect inclination angle.
Close up of the implant attached to the Offset Introducer being placed into the prepared foam.