Employee Spotlight: Oliver Clayton

What is your role at JointMedica?

As a Senior Manufacturing Engineer, when I first started, I had the great pleasure of implementing manufacturing into the company which previously did not exist.  In terms of manufacturing implementation within the medical industry, you have to not only purchase the equipment to be able to manufacture product, but hand in hand follow the guidelines closely which are set out by the regulation authorities including MHRA and FDA. This means that paperwork and processes associated need to be as clean and effective as possible with zero deviation from protocols. Now that we have a good solid base of fundamentals set up, my role focusses on the company's production operations and I am responsible for developing and improving manufacturing processes, which in turn analyze and propose solutions to engineering problems.


We have a lot of Research and Development going on here at JointMedica and with such a small scale engineering team we collaborate together and come up with engineering solutions to problems which arise on a day to day basis.


Beside what is already mentioned, computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing plays a huge part here in my role and without those skills and software packages it would be almost impossible to achieve what has already been a successful journey here at JointMedica. 

How long have you been at JointMedica?

I started at JointMedica in July 2018 and I have thrived ever since joining. It has changed my aspect of life and re-evaluated my career all over again. I thrive off physical challenges, and here at JointMedica I have something new to research or develop every day. This for my own personal preference gives me such a sense of achievment and well-being that it continues to make me feel that the path I have chosen was absolutely the correct one. 

Where do you see your role in five years time? Or how do you see your role expanding?

Five years is a long time, however it does creep up. I do not tend to forecast my life that much in advance, but I do have a image in my mind. In five years or less, I would like to become a Engineering/Manufacturing Manager or similar. This is because I also thrive on teaching people and helping them through the day to day issues associated within the role. I would like the company to be able to expand so we could set up a larger facility in the same way we have here at JointMedica, and expand in personnel. Expanding the head count would give me the satisfaction of overseeing day to day operations of the organizations manufacturing facilites, planning, coordinating and directing the activites that result in the end product. This enables me to hit the figures that are required and gives satisafaction to the hierarchy. All in all, make a positive outcome and profit increase of the company's turnover. 

What is your favourite part of your job?

I have always said to myself that the people make your workplace. In all of my previous roles in my career I have made friends, however there always was an aspect of every job that was unenjoyable.


At JointMedica I can honestly say that every single person has made my experience perfect. When I say perfect there is nothing anybody here at JointMedica wouldn’t do for you inside or outside of the work enviroment. The most enjoyable part of waking up on a work day for me personally (sounds clichéd) is actually looking forward to the people. I enjoy all aspects of my job and I can honestly say that not one thing is boring, disappointing, tedious, or anything other than enjoyable. That’s my honest truth.