Employee Spotlight: Mat Clayton

You’re one of the newest members of the JointMedica team, what appealed to you about working at JointMedica? 

What attracted me to the position was the chance to utilise my engineering background again. I have always had a very heavily biased mechanical prowess and the thought of working within a small, but focused team of likeminded people was very exciting and when I was offered the job, I needed no persuading to join the team.

Although you are still training, what do you hope to see your job
developing into?

Since starting my role at JointMedica I have been trained on all the machinery currently within the building and have thoroughly enjoyed this period. I hope to see myself become more proficient in the usage of all the

Mat Clayton 2.jpg

equipment currently in operation and to be able to uphold the high standards already in place.

Furthermore, I would like to learn more about the CAD designing utilised and be able to better diagnose issues and correct accordingly. As my learning and understanding of the medical sector JointMedica operates within grows, I strive to add worth to the team and help the success of the business flourish.

In the short time you have been at JointMedica has being part of the team helped you to achieve any goals?

Within my time at JointMedica, I feel I have integrated into the team with great success and made some great friends. I have recently embarked on a healthier lifestyle regime and have received enormous encouragement, help and advice from my colleagues and this has been of so helpful in setting and achieving my goals. I have also now been able to achieve a great work-life balance, which had been difficult in the past. 

From previous staff features it has become very clear that JointMedica’s team is an extremely strong closely bonded team. Was this an advantage to you when joining, or have you found it difficult?

I have found that fitting in with an already focussed team, has been an absolute pleasure. With no previous experience within the medical industry, my colleagues have been more than accommodating with introducing me to the distinct terminology and many acronyms linking information, legislation and medical procedures together.


It has definitely been a fabulous move for me and a chance to learn new skills and utilise dormant ones once again. The whole team have made me very welcome and I feel as though I have been a member of the JointMedica “family” for considerably longer than my time in the new role dictates. A huge thanks to all the team at Jointmedica for making me feel so grounded right from the very start.

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