Jointmedica produce individually tailored medical devices with the help of ALPHACAM

As a result of both local and national funding, JointMedica have been able to bring our manufacturing research and development in-house to our Centre of Manufacturing Research Facility in Hallow, Worcester.


Utilising ALPHACAM’s computer aided machining software, our design engineers are now able to explore innovative new designs and incorporate new materials driving the advancement of Orthopaedic Hip and Knee Replacement. The software is also an integral part in the manufacture of custom-made devices for specific patients created directly from CT scans.

Jointmedica were recently featured as a customer case study by ALPHACAM which involved the visit of a film crew who interviewed Roger Ashton, our Technical Director, about how a patient’s CT scan is used to create individually tailored medical implants using ALPHACAM's multi-axis milling and turning operations created for the Brother Speedio M140X2 CNC machine.

Below is the short film and a link to the case study.