Cadaveric Assessment

With the support of Mr James Holland and Ms Sarah Eastwood (Freeman Hospital, Newcastle), under the guidance of Prof. Derek Mcminn, (Principal designer of the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing™), the development team recently carried out the Cadaveric Assessment of our Polymotion™ Hip Resurfacing instruments and implants.

This critical stage in our development process aligns with our key objectives as outlined in our Innovate UK sponsored project, ‘Development of an innovative biocompatible hip resurfacing system’.


During this event, the collective were able to confirm the effectiveness of the instruments, refine the surgical steps as described in the Operative Technique, as well as validate key design features and implant geometries.

This important activity continues JointMedica’s progress towards beginning the planned multicentre Safety and Efficacy Study of a Metal on Cross-Linked Polyethylene Hip Resurfacing Arthroplasty, scheduled to begin in 2021.

JointMedica would like to take this opportunity to thank the Newcastle Surgical Training Centre for their support and professionalism both in the planning stages and during the event. 

Cadaver 1.jpg