BKR Case Study - Michael Ponberth

After two successful hip resurfacing surgeries, Sales Director Michael from Nottingham was delighted to get back to regular golf and admits: “I’ve played sport all my life. It’s highly important to me and it’s all part of my quality of life.”

But with a history of orthopaedic problems, his left knee began to deteriorate and, once again, he struggled to complete 18 holes. He recalls: “I was in a lot of discomfort and a friend said, ‘you’re walking like an ostrich, Mike.’” With that, it was time for decisive action but Michael feared a replacement knee would stop him playing golf for good.


Michael's Interview

“I needed to know I could be mobile following a knee replacement,” explains Michael. “I often travel a thousand miles a week with work, pulling heavy sample cases out the car.” After hearing the BKR was “the nearest knee produced that replicated normal knee function” - thus allowing him to stay active - Michael’s mind was completely put at ease.

Michael had his Birmingham Knee Replacement in July 2010 and was quickly on the road to recovery. After some dedicated post-op physiotherapy, he was able to start swimming and training on a static bike. His recovery went from strength to strength, and he was eventually back to the sport he loves. “Twelve weeks after the operation I was back to playing golf twice a week on a Saturday and a Sunday. I cannot express strongly enough how delighted I am with the surgery and the rehabilitation.”