BKR Case Study - Colin Drew

Energy Consultant Colin from Derby had a right-sided Birmingham Knee Replacement (BKR) in April 2010 to treat his severe osteoarthritis. Less than 12 months later, he’s delighted to be back to his favourite hobbies snow skiing and water skiing.

Thrill-seeking Colin says his knee problems started 30 years ago after a rock climbing accident: “I would’ve probably done better to break my leg, but unfortunately what I did was damage the cartilage.” He had two unsuccessful procedures to relieve the problem but resorted to leg braces to stay active. “I started having difficulty walking any distance without great pain. And my leg had got to the stage where it was very bowed,” recalls Colin.


Colin's Interview

Initially sceptical about knee replacement, Colin explains: “I had been to another consultant who said yes, I could have a replacement but afterwards I would have to stop all the sport I do.” A depressed Colin was thrilled to discover the BKR is suitable for active patients and booked himself in for surgery.

On the subjective of his bowed leg he comments, “Before the BKR operation my right knee was bent in such a way that I could actually fit three fingers between my two knees! I can now put my legs together and my knees will touch. My leg has been straightened following surgery, which so they tell me, makes me look 10 years younger.”

The BKR has transformed Colin’s quality of life. He says, “I can walk normally and go up and down stairs without any difficulty.” Most importantly, he’s back to the sports he loves and there’s no looking back. “I’m very well pleased,” he beams. “Inside five months I was water skiing again. Inside nine months I actually went snow skiing again!”

(N.B. Colin recently surpassed the two-and-a-half-year stage with his BKR and gave the following interview about his experiences)