Barcelona Hip Meeting 2018

The 4th Barcelona Hip Meeting took place at the impressive AXA Convention Centre in Barcelona between the 16th- 18th of April 2018.


Hip Resurfacing featured during the provocatively titled MODULE 7; ‘HIP RESURFACING AND SHORT STEMS. WON’T THEY EVER LEAVE?’

Hip Resurfacing expert and Jointmedica user Mr Ronan Treacy formed part of an impressive Global Faculty.

Ronan Treacey FRCS

Presentation - 20 years of metal hip resurfacing

Mr Ronan Treacy Co designer of the globally recognised BHR ™ Metal on Metal Hip Resurfacing system (S&N Memphis) was well positioned to present his significant experience using Metal on metal Hip resurfacings, which started in the mid-1990s in cooperation with Mr Derek McMinn. Mr Treacy delivered a mix of his own published results, his clinical experience and work previously reported by Catherine Van Der Straeten, MD, PhD during ISTA 2017. The long-term results of leading Metal on Metal Hip resurfacings are satisfactory, when compared to more traditional treatment options. At 20 years, BHR outperforms conventional THR. 


Presentation - The next generation of hip resurfacing

During this presentation Mr Treacy was able to draw on his extensive Hip Resurfacing involvement, as well as discuss with the audience Jointmedica’s ambitions to work closely with the UK’s Beyond Compliance Group and MHRA, to affect the introduction of a unique Highly Crosslinked Polyethylene Hip Resurfacing concept. His experience in using Custom made Hip Resurfacing devices in specific patients where Metal on Metal articulations are contra-indicated, or limitations of component sizes provided by existing suppliers necessitate bespoke implants, along with the early clinical outcomes of these devices, has given rise to his involvement in a project which is focused on shaping a potential non-metal on metal successor to the BHR ™ device.